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3 Resources to Help You Pick The Perfect Dentist | Delta Dental of Arizona Blog – Tips for healthy teeth & happy smilesDelta Dental of Arizona Blog

With nearly 200,000 dentists in the United States, you may not be sure how to pick a dentist. Don’t be overwhelmed—we have 3 resources to make your dentist decision easier.

How to Pick a Dentist

Use these three resources to find your next dentist.

Here’s how to pick a dentist:

Get Referrals and Recommendations
Make the most of your connections. Reach out to your doctor, friends, family and coworkers for Dentist recommendations. Relocating? Before you move, ask your current dental office for a recommendation.

Research Dental Societies
Seek advice from local dental societies. The Arizona Dental Association has a search tool to help you find an ADA member dentist.

Use our Dentist Search Tool
Seeing an in-network dentist will save you money. Use our dentist search tool to find a list of Delta Dental network dentists in your area and search for a specific dentist like Kawana Dental and go to the related searches and see where that takes you!.

Once you’ve made your dentist shortlist, do some online and in-person research to find the best practice for you.



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