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Focus On: 2022 Retainers | Orthodontic Products

Strength, comfort, and customizability are all key features of modern retainers for an orthodontist. Here are 10 retainer options currently on the market.

Retainer Options

Vivera Retainers

Align Technology’s Vivera retainers are made by the same team that makes Invisalign aligners, so you’ll get the same virtually-invisible look and comfortable, custom-fit. Doctors who use Vivera are more satisfied with Vivera retainers than with other retainers. Vivera retainers are 30% stronger and twice as durable as other clear retainers.

For more information, visit AlignTech.com.

Retainer Options


Each Memootain wire from Allesee Orthodontic Appliances (AOA) is custom made to fit each patient’s unique tooth contours. CAD/CAM fabrication allows the design of smaller delicate wires that offer a close adaptation to the tooth surface. This reduces the number of contact points on each tooth and is designed to increase patient comfort and helps create optimal oral hygiene.

For more information, visit AOAlab.com.

Retainer Options

Defend Invisible Retainers

Defend Retainers is the ultimate solution to streamlining retention. Made with DynaFlex’s exclusive Glacier material, Defend is available in quantities of 2, 4, or 8 retainers. Defend Retainers and digital model prints will arrive within 4 days of submitting through the DynaFusion portal. Use Brace Erase so retainers are ready at the Debond appointment.

For more information, visit DynaFlex.com.

Retainer Options

Standard Hawley

NeoLab’s Standard Hawley features a 3-3 labial bow with Adams’ clasps on the first molars, but can be customized to meet each individual treatment plan. Choose from a preferred clasping, bow style, springs, and color to create the perfect finishing appliance.

For more information, visit NeoLab.com.

Retainer Options

E-Z Bond

The E-Z Bond intra-coronal splint from Space Maintainers Laboratories is constructed of a multi-stranded, lingual wire retainer contoured to the lingual of the six anterior teeth and light-cured with composite to each of the six anterior teeth. A laboratory fabricated transfer tray makes correct placement of the wire easy with a minimum of chair time.

For more information, visit SMLglobal.com.

Retainer Options

Invisible Retainer

There are few things more important to your patients than strength and clarity. Strength for longevity and performance, clarity for aesthetics. NorthStar uses pressure rather than vacuum forces to produce all Invisible Retainers using top of the line Zendura material to deliver unmatched quality and performance.

For more information, Nstaro.com.

Braided Retainer Wire

Ortho Technology’s Braided Retainer Wire features a thin, rectangular wire that can be adapted, with no occlusal interference, while ensuring patient comfort. This three-strand, stainless steel, braided retainer wire is annealed or “dead soft” so it can be easily formed and holds bends to make permanent fixed bondable lingual retainers post orthodontic treatment.

For more information, visit OrthoTechnology.com.

Ribbond Fiber Reinforcement

Ribbond post-orthodontic fixed retainers are an excellent alternative to directly bonded wire. Esthetic, comfortable and fracture tough, Ribbond retainers are easy to make and will bond with any light cured composites. Especially popular for adult patients Ribbond retainers have high patient acceptance. Ribbond products are sold directly by Ribbond, Inc.

For more information, visit Ribbond.com.

Bondable Lingual Retainer

RMO Bondable Lingual Retainers are designed to preserve the perfect smile you have achieved for your patient. We offer doctors both prefabricated adjustable lingual retainers or the combination of wires and bonding pads to build your customized appliance. Made of 304 stainless steel wire for easy adoption and minimal adjustment.

For more information, Rmortho.com.

Tru-Tain DX Retainer/Aligner

The Tru-Tain DX Retainer/Aligner is a strong and flexible FDA approved plastic for orthodontic retainers and aligners. Tru-Tain DX materials are available in 5-inch x 5-inch squares as well as round disks in 125-mm & 120-mm diameters.

For more information, visit Tru-Tain.com.

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