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Mind Your Mouth – Queen of Dental Hygiene

The health of your mouth and brain are so completely intertwined as to be inseparable. I had the opportunity to share my oral wellness information with Dr. Nafisa Sekandari, a clinical psychologist and podcaster. We had a wonderful chat about some of the many oral-systemic connections (and all my favorite topics) as they relate to mental health. No surprise, but it is all related.

We discuss how intimately the health of the mouth influences our mental state, from sleep apnea and depression and anxiety attacks to dementia and chronic illnesses. We cover facial growth and development, sleep, and nasal breathing, as well as diet, nutrition and supplements for better brain health. I squeezed in lots of information. Please join us and listen in as I share the importance of oral health. True systemic wellness starts in the mouth and impacts the entire body. Maybe we need a brain hygienist!?!

Let’s get heathy. It really is time to mind you mouth.

Keep Smiling,


(a.k.a The Brain Hygienist)



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