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Grundium’s Ocus 20– the scanning microscope review

Ocus is a single slide portable whole slide scanning microscope. It enables the scanning and live viewing of one slide at a time. The device connects via wi-fi to a computer or any other device with internet access and a screen and lets you navigate the viewing and scanning process from there. To navigate the device, you use the grundium.net website where you set up an account when you purchase the device. There is no need for additional software installation and the website/ device navigation is very intuitive.

The whole slide images (WSI) are stored on the device and can be exported in SVS, TIFF or pyramid TIFF format and downloaded to a computer or a hard drive. There is an instant slide sharing option either via a link that can be copied and sent to collaborators or through a live online session. In live view mode pictures of single fields of view can be taken in JPEG format.



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