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Personalized medicine for a rare disease

Have you wondered how personalized can personalized medicine possibly be?

In this webinar together with Typhaine Lejeune, a veterinary pathologist with over 15 years of experience in drug development we will talk exactly about that.

Typhaine is a pathologist, a scientist, and also a mom of Robin, a 7-year old boy with a disability due to an ultra-rare disease caused by a genetic mutation in the KAT6B gene.

Recent advances in the personalized medicine space motivated her to start looking for therapy for her son.

She is currently raising money for a personalized research project for Robin and will tell the personal and the scientific side of her journey.

This information will change the way you view personalized medicine! I know, because it changed how I view it.

In the meantime, visit Typhaine’s GoFundMe page to learn more about her story and check out how many people already supported her project.

Maybe you have already donated to Typhaine’s fundraiser but want to do a little bit more?

Every time I take my kids to the doctors I get myself a coffee (and a little treat for them as well). I decided that every time I do that, I will match my coffee spending and donate the match to Typhaine’s fundraiser.

If I can afford overpriced Starbucks coffee as a treat, I can also afford my match 😊, chances are you can do it too! (And if not, it’s probably time to stop spending your money at Starbucks anyway…)



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