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New Sesame Street episode highlights importance of children’s oral health

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The importance of oral hygiene and what to expect when visiting the dentist were the focus of a recent episode of Sesame Street, available in full on YouTube.

In the episode, Elmo, Charlie, Julia and Alan play pretend dentist with a toy alligator to help remind Julia of what happens at the dentist. Julia then goes along with Charlie to her dentist appointment. At the dentist, she gets to see some of tools used during a hygiene appointment and learns that dentists are helpers in keeping their teeth healthy and clean.

Still frame from Sesame Street season 52 “A Trip to the Dentist.”

In the next scene, Samuel demonstrates to Elmo how to brush his teeth at home before going into song about the letter of the day, which is D, of course. Once the letter of the day is announced, a child is followed to a real dental practice and goes through each of the steps a patient can expect during a dental cleaning.

The full episode also explains the importance of eating crunchy fruits and vegetables to keep teeth healthy and strong. Finally, the episode ties together the importance of oral hygiene for overall health by explaining some of the different types of doctors and what to expect during a checkup.

This is the perfect way to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with your pediatric patients. Watch the full episode:

Thank you to Sesame Street for putting together a fun episode showcasing how important children’s oral health is and how much fun it can be to visit the dentist.

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