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Give the Gift of Braces (or Invisalign!) This Holiday Season

Shopping for the perfect holiday gift can be stressful, especially if you don’t want to waste money on more useless stuff. What if there was something you could get for that special someone that won’t go to waste?

If your child has been begging for straighter teeth or your dentist has already recommended orthodontic treatment, the holidays could be the perfect opportunity to start.

Why Braces or Invisalign Make the Perfect Gift

Before you dismiss orthodontics as a lame gift, consider the possible long-term effects for you or your child. Instead of pouring money into more stuff that gets broken, discarded, or even regifted, why not invest those funds into something that lasts?

1. A Healthy Smile is a Lifelong Gift

Unlike toys, games, and clothes, orthodontics offers long-term benefits. Straighter teeth and an aligned bite can do wonders for your oral health and overall health. It’s easier to brush and floss with straight teeth, and that means less risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

2. Boost Confidence

All teenagers struggle with self-confidence at one point or another, and you can’t always help. However, if your teen’s confidence is low because of their teeth, you can do something about it. Gifting braces or Invisalign could get your teen that much closer to a smile that they love to share with the world.

3. Make an Impact

This holiday season is the perfect time to show your kid how much you care. Orthodontics represent an investment in your child and their health, and it lets them know how much you care. After all, what says “I love you” more, some toys and clothes that won’t matter a few months from now or a healthy smile that can last a lifetime?

Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics Black Friday Braces Deals

To help you put those holiday funds to good use, we’re running a Black Friday braces deal that’s sure to make you smile. For a limited time, save up to $1,000 off braces (or Invisalign!) when you pay in full, or up to $400 off with monthly payments!* Terms apply, see webpage for details.

How Do You Give the Gift of Braces (or Invisalign)?

Giving an experience as a gift is fun and exciting, but it’s not always easy to decide how to give something intangible, especially to a kid. Don’t worry! We have you covered. If you’ve decided to give the gift of braces (or Invisalign) this holiday season, here’s an official certificate for you to print and present your child.

Are you ready to give braces (or Invisalign) as a gift this year? Find the Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics office nearest you to schedule a FREE orthodontic consultation!

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