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Achieve & Maintain Lifelong Dental Health

By the time they’re 50, nearly 70% of adults will be missing a tooth (and that number only increases with age). Missing teeth can affect your appearance, your ability to eat the foods you love, and cause a variety of health problems, including increased risk of gum disease and resorption, the loss of bone that can make you look years older than you really are.

Drawbacks of Dentures

For years, dentures were the “standard” treatment for decaying, damaged, and lost teeth. It was common for dentists to even pull relatively healthy teeth so that they could be replaced with dentures. This line of thinking is becoming a thing of the past, because dentures have many drawbacks, including:

  • Unnatural appearance
  • Frustrating maintenance required
  • Tendency to slip and slide
  • Require lifestyle changes
  • Can prevent you from eating certain foods
  • Affect speech and appearance

Benefits of Implants

Today, our dentists offer the gold standard in high-tech, durable, and natural restorations: dental implants. Unlike dentures, implants:

  • Look and function like natural teeth. You’ll eat, speak, smile, and live with confidence!
  • Preserve bone structure, avoiding the sunken “sucking-on-a-lemon” facial appearance common with dentures.
  • Require less maintenance. But remember, it’s important to brush, floss, and see a dentist regularly.

Be aware that with implants, cleanings and exams are very important. Our dentists will help you to avoid peri-implantitis, gum disease/inflammation near the implant. Schedule your next exam and cleaning today.



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