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Dental Product Shopper case study: Patterson LC Monoshade Composite

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Andrew S. Lazaris, DDS, FAGD, the founder and co-owner of a technologically advanced multispecialty dental practice in Plano, Texas, recently published a case study for our Patterson LC Monoshade Composite in Dental Product Shopper.

Patterson LC Monoshade Composite is a radiopaque light cure composite for anterior and posterior restorations. It can be used for all natural tooth shades due to its continuous color matching properties. Dr. Lazaris sees Patterson LC Monoshade Composite as a “win-win” for both his patients and his practice.

“Compared to traditional composite resins, LC Monoshade has some significant advantages, including that it can be used for all natural tooth shades,” writes Dr. Lazaris. “This means a large inventory of different shades is not necessary, which helps cut down on shades that are infrequently used.”

In his case study, Dr. Lazaris explains how a patient of his was diagnosed with a failed composite restoration on the occlusal lingual surface of a tooth (Fig. 1 below). After discussing treatment options and taking intraoral photographs, a local anesthetic was administered, and the failed composite was removed (Fig. 3).

Selective etching was performed, and bonding was done with a single-component, light-cured universal adhesive. The composite was placed in 2-mm increments using Patterson LC Monoshade. The handling of the composite allowed for the right balance of stickiness and flowability. 

As seen in Figure 4, the result “was a beautiful restoration with excellent esthetics and very high patient satisfaction.”  Dr. Lazaris goes on writing “LC Monoshade Composite is a great product for challenging esthetic cases because it blends in well and takes the guesswork out of choosing shades.”

View the results in the figures above and read the full case study in Dental Product Shopper here.

Ready to incorporate Patterson LC Monoshade Composite into your practice? Speak with your Patterson rep or order online here.

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