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Braces Made Teeth Worse? (Gaps, Crooked, Uneven)

Straightening teeth is a dynamic process. Do they make your teeth worse? During alignment, particularly over the first six months, it may appear worse. This is a natural movement. The teeth overlap and change position throughout the duration of treatment. This is all planned by your orthodontist. Read on to find out if braces can make your teeth worse. let’s get cracking.

Common Negative Effects of Braces

Braces cause many problems. It makes wearers feel uncomfortable. It’s normal for brace discomfort to occur, you should expect it. But the common effects are natural and part of the grand plan.

  • Irritated gums
  • Stiff feeling Jaws
  • Difficulty eating
  • Teeth decay
  • Decalcifying
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Resorbing root systems.

Fixing Teeth Spacing With Braces Occurs in Stages

When putting on braces to fill teeth spacing between teeth the treatment can take several steps. Skeletal differences can arise during treatment. This method gives the impression that a braces gap repair won’t work.

A bigger lower jaw or a smaller upper jaw may result in a greater or lesser overbite as braces move arches in alignment. This change is normal and we must always prepare. 

Root Resorption During Orthodontic Treatment

It is normal for the roots to resorb during treatment. The root resorption is so small it’s not an issue. It will be accounted for in the treatment plan. Orthodontic treatment lasting three years or more will need to be considered by your orthodontist.

Called Apical root resorption (ARR) in medical terms. This explains the roots breaking down. Roots break down when the force used is too acute. Your gums may also be affected. Only in rare cases will ARR have long-lasting effects.

Upper and Lower Arches Movement

Your upper and lower arches will look worse. Again this is common and planned. The result will be matching arches and straight teeth. This process will work alongside the teeth movement. The Upper and lower arches match at the end.

Why Are Teeth Removed for Straight Teeth?

Straight teeth need room to straighten. A tooth will be removed to free other teeth to move into a correct position.

When having a tooth removed or ‘pulled,’ you’ll be given an anesthetic or oral antibiotic. This is to reduce pain. Don’t be alarmed, the tooth bone is strong. Your expert knows what to do.

Are Teeth Weaker After Braces?

Some people may be worried about losing bone and their teeth will be weaker after braces are pulled out. Once you move your teeth into new locations, your jawbone starts to create new bones in front of the roots, helping to regain the stability of your teeth.

Bad oral health is what will weaken teeth enamel leading to gum disease. Sugars and bacteria from foods are the culprits.

Can Braces Make You Look Worse?

Despite seeing how braces affect the look of your tooth, it may surprise some to learn that it could affect how your face looks too. Orthodontics can make creases in lips and cheeks appear uneven.

Why is a Gap Getting Bigger With Braces?

It is temporary and perfectly normal. It is necessary to close it. While it isn’t quite what you want it to be, it really indicates you have good braces. The overcrowding teeth in mouths are concentrated on a few areas, so the other area has the area for straightening up.

Do Braces Make Your Teeth Flare?

Teeth flaring can occur after braces due to an orthodontist’s decision not to pull out the teeth if the tooth is impacted. After removing the braces the tooth flares.

Can Braces Make Your Teeth More Crooked?

You may also discover that although the teeth appear straighter a few are crooked! This will help to reduce the crowd that had been spread over a large number of teeth. It’s perfectly normal.

How Long Does it Take for Teeth to Settle After Braces?

The teeth settle in about two weeks following orthodontic treatment. The body changes continuously throughout the course of your life. The wear should last longer than usual.


At Childers Orthodontics in Illinois, our orthodontist can oversee your braces and Invisalign treatment from start to finish. We will straighten teeth of any suitable age. We are open for new Children, teenagers, and adults to have an examination. Dr. Childers ranks in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the USA.

All the effects of the treatment are planned and common. We will explain all in easy-to-understand formats. So you can rest assured of your treatment quality to get a straighter smile.

Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expertise in all procedures. This is to reduce the amount of time required for wearing orthodontic devices. Call us to schedule your first appointment for an orthodontic evaluation.



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